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Garmer’s Goulash

A hearty stew, just right for supper on a cold winter’s night RECIPE IDEA: This recipe was a regular in the winter rotation while living in Chicago. Our home was filled with the fragrance of simmering goulash and bread baking. … Continue reading

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Quick Dill Sauce

RECIPE IDEA: We often have salmon for supper. This night as I was cooking it I asked Lois if she had a recipe for dill sauce. She said just mix some dill into sour cream and let’s see how that … Continue reading

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Strawberries Romanoff

This is a quick dessert that can be prepared ahead to add a delightful finish to an elegant meal. Sometimes I’ll slice the strawberries and use this recipe for strawberry shortcake. This came from one of those glossy cards some … Continue reading

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Crab Cakes

RECIPE IDEA I used to think you could only get really good crab cakes at a Baltimore restaurant. Then my friend Harry Cole invited a group of us to spend the weekend at his home on the Eastern Shore of … Continue reading

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Incredible Peach Melba

RECIPE IDEA You should have seen the peaches at the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Beautiful rosy-red to almost-yellow skins, firm to the touch and oh the fragrance! So we bought a box. What to do with this luscious fruit? … Continue reading

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Eggplant Parmesan for Carnivores

RECIPE IDEA We went to the farmer’s market in  Harrisonburg Saturday and the eggplants at our favorite organic farmer were beautiful so we bought one. I love Eggplant Parmesan. It’s the primary dish I use to evaluate any new Italian … Continue reading

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Get fit in 10 minutes a day

10 minutes! I can do that. Can you? Check out this interesting blog post: ~Lois

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Easy Way to Plan Your Eating

Here’s a short video that can help you decide how much of which foods to eat to maintain a healthy weight (or lose if you are eating too much!): ~Lois

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Good Post on The World’s Healthiest Foods (Foods to Lower Cholesterol)

Something You Should Know to Improve Your Health It’s good to know what foods can help you lower your bad cholesterol. Many of them also work on cancer prevention. This is a really good article called “Elevated Cholesterol 3: What … Continue reading

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Risotto is a creamy rice side dish or you can eat is as a main dish. It is made from Arborio rice. I made some on Saturday night to accompany Italian Chicken and Indian Ratatouille. Risotto Serves 6 Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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