Quick Dill Sauce

RECIPE IDEA: We often have salmon for supper. This night as I was cooking it I asked Lois if she had a recipe for dill sauce. She said just mix some dill into sour cream and let’s see how that tastes. Opening the fridge I discovered there was no sour cream but I spied the whipped cream cheese and half and half. Voila! A new recipe is born. Tastes great too. Our daughter Roni was over for supper and she said it needed more dill. So experiment until you find the proportions you enjoy.

Serves 6


Dill Sauce Nutrition Label

Dill Sauce Nutrition Label

1/2 C whipped cream cheese
1 T half and half (fat free or regular)
1 T of dried dill
salt and pepper to taste


Mix the cream cheese and half and half until smooth. Add the dill. If you like it to be more dilly, then add dried dill until you are satisfied. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Spread over salmon or other foods. Or serve in small ramekin for dipping.


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