Some Kids Just Don't Appreciate Broccoli


I love broccoli. I eat it raw, steamed, in soup, with cheese sauce, in salads, served with hollandaise sauce, stir fried, over pasta, sautéed in olive oil, as broccoli salad, in an omelet or frittata, made into a Quiche. Whew! There are so many good ways to enjoy broccoli. I haven’t found a broccoli dessert, yet. If you know of one please post it.

If there is such a thing as a broccoli addict—I’m one! I get really hungry for those green florets if several days pass without having my “broccoli fix.”

On the other hand, I am such an adventurer that I do get bored with repeating the same dish. If you have a favorite broccoli recipe, won’t you post it so I can find another way to enjoy my favorite vegetable?

~ Don  ~ Recipe Idea Shop

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