Don & Lois, an Introduction

Lois and Don

The Cooks: Lois Carter Fay & Don Crawford

We love to cook. In fact, we love the whole experience—from shopping for the best ingredients to gathering around the table with friends and family savoring the meal.

Cooking is a great hobby! It’s not like when I was into making model airplanes. You don’t have to find room for the latest creation when you are done. With cooking, you prepare, enjoy the food, and clean up. Except for leftovers to be enjoyed later, there isn’t much to put away after your meal.

Why We Created the Blog

As Baby Boomers, Lois and I have been cooking for many years. And over that time, we have accumulated many recipes. But do you think we can find them when we want them? Usually the conversation starts with, “Do you remember that black-bean and squash with corn and cilantro recipe? What was it called? Where is the recipe?”

If you are anything like us, your recipe filing system is a jumble of note cards, pages in a journal, clippings stuck here and there, typed recipes in a notebook and lots of cookbooks with notations like “excellent” or “use more garlic next time.” We’ve been frustrated with this (lack of a) system for many years. We knew there had to be a better way!

We thought technology could help us. So we decided to create an online, searchable database to store our recipes. As we talked with family, we found they wanted access to the recipes they enjoyed as kids growing up, too. And our culinary friends thought an accessible database was a terrific idea, too. So Recipe Idea Shop was born to store our recipes for all to see. Not only that, but you can add yours, too. We’re still working on creating the robust website; in the meantime we decided to set up this blog, and you can add your recipes here, too.

Our Philosophy

We believe that recipes are, for the most part, guidelines, not strict formulas to be followed exactly. There are certain rules of proportions necessary to create masterpiece food but other than these few rules, cooking should be a continual experiment of taste, appearance and texture. We’ll add anecdotes about how the ingredients shown were chosen or a story about the food. We encourage you to add your own variations to the recipes as well.

Whether you are just learning to cook or have been at it for many years, our hope is you will find Recipe Idea Shop’s blog (and later our full website) a place where you can save your favorite recipes and the memories that come along with them. We also encourage you to experiment, have fun and enjoy the pleasure of good food, attractively presented, shared with others.

Bon appétit!

~ Don and Lois

Recipe Idea Shop

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